Homily for Student Mass at St Joseph Chapel, Akersveien 6

The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

In today’s Gospel, we hear Jesus acclaim that there are many rooms in our Fathers house. But the disciples has a desire to see this house. Philip asks the questions that everybody may be thinking though they, or we may say we, not to dear to ask. “Show us the Father”, he says.  As if he says “Let’s make it easy, shall we?” And he struggles to see how easy God actually has made it for him. The Son of God is standing there, right before his eyes! The second person of the triune God has taken on human flesh, and settled down with us! And now the Son invites us to see the world in his perspective, and to see the house of the Father the way God sees it.

“There are many rooms in my Fathers house.” What does this mean? I think we can interpret this expression in a double way. We can sense the generosity that God brings the world through his work of salvation. We often think in boxes, seeing Christians on one side, non-believers on another and so on. However, Jesus didn’t die for Christians, as if we’re the only group of people that God prefer. God prefers us all. The Son of God died for all human beings. Nobody is left outside the love of God, and to dwell upon that thought is in reality quite breath taking! It drives us towards a humble regard on all things and all persons that surround us. God has opened the way to himself through the Son, who has become our brother. Heaven is open, and the light shines upon us all.

This gives us a responsibility. As Christians, We are Christ’s ambassadors, his hands, feet, mouth. We have been given the gift of being witnesses of God’s love. We are called to live this love, to realise God’s work of salvation in our time. It is not a small task. It is a life time lesson to see and live out the all-embracing love that God has for his creation.

And we are challenged from within when trying to fulfil Gods call. Because when doing so, we soon meet some obstacles on our way. When trying to live a Christian life, we often find that the love we should show others is disturbed by our own sins and our inner wounds. Egoism, lack of charity and compassion for both ourselves and others, jalousie, anger. Or depression, lack of belief in ourselves, sadness that stays with us… There are so many things that deprives us from being the happy, loving person we wish to be.

Jesus knows about this. He knows how the human thought goes. We say: “There may be many rooms in my Fathers house. Just a pity there is not one for me.” Because of our inner darkness, we tend to exclude ourselves from God’s mercy. And this is something that goes on and on in life. We have to stay vigilant, fighting the devils destructive grip that he always try to get on us.  Our way towards the Lord, our way towards sanctification, goes through the acceptance of what God offers us. I am not perfect, and do not do the right thing always. But God loves me. I am a sinner. Yes. And God loves me. “I’m not worth love.” “I made you out of love” says God. “But it hurts!” “Yes”, God says, “and I’m here to comfort you. I’ve called you by name. You are mine.”

Friends, come. Come on up to the house. There, on the upper floor, you’ll find at room prepared for you, a table set, with bread and wine. That is your room, that is our room. And we enter as we say: “Only say the word, and my soul shall be healed!”